What I do

IRS Enrolled Agent, Tax Services

IRS Enrolled Agent

IRS Letters

As an IRS Enrolled Agent I can represent you in any conflict with the IRS.  I can respond to any letter that they send and even request a new letter if it is missing. 

Missing Tax Filings

Have you missed any filing years?  I can contact the IRS in your behalf and find out the exact reported income that has been reported in any year.  I can use that information to filing missing tax filings to get you back on tract before the IRS does it for you. 

Offer In Compromise

Do you owe the IRS money? Does the amount seem impossible to pay? I can help you negotiate your tax debt to pennies on the dollar. 

Tax Services

Individual Tax Services

I examine all possible tax credits and exemptions for Individuals tax filings.  I handle extensions, Federal, and State Filings in any state across the nation. 

Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

Do you have a Corporate or Partnership Tax Filing Status? No Problem. I can complete the most complex tax filings for any size corporation. 

Estate & Trust Tax Services

I am an expert in handling all Estate and Trust Tax Services. Just schedule an appointment to talk about it and I will give you a fair estimate. 

IRS Enrolled Agent, Tax Services
IRS Enrolled Agent, Tax Services

Business Advisory

New Business Tax Filing Status

Are you wondering which tax filing status to set up your business with?  Let’s sit down and talk about your options. I can help you decide if you should be an LLC, S or C Corporation, or a  Sole Proprietor. 


Do you need help setting up your books to take advantage of all your business deductions? Or, tired of the crunch time during tax season to get your books current? 

I work with an excellent bookkeepers that will keep your accounts up to date throughout the year.