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Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the taxes to me.


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Tax Services

As a Tax Expert serving Coweta County, Fayette County and surrounding areas, I specialize in helping individuals and businesses navigate a wide range of tax filing complexities. Whether you're a returning or new client, I invite you to schedule an appointment by phone or visit my office. Your unique needs will always receive the dedicated time and expertise they deserve.

Small Business
Tax Services

Welcome to our Small Business Tax Services page, where tailored financial solutions await your small business. We understand the distinct challenges you face in the tax landscape. We are your portal to expert guidance, offering insights and strategies that ensure both compliance and growth. Whether you're a sole proprietor, freelancer, or running an S-corporation, discover the resources to elevate your financial success.

IRS Enrolled Agent

Received a letter from the IRS? Missed filing for years, or even a decade? Facing these challenges, I'm here to stand by your side. I specialize in representing clients before the IRS, facilitating favorable resolutions. Remember, there's always a range of options available. Rather than waiting for the IRS to initiate contact, let's proactively reach out together. I'm dedicated to providing the assistance you need.

Business Advisory

Starting a new business venture? Uncertain about whether to establish a corporation or an LLC? Engaged in running a Non-Profit? Striving for precise and organized bookkeeping? Look no further. My team and I are well-equipped to guide you through these decisions and processes. Join us for a sit-down discussion to determine the optimal path tailored to your needs. Your business's success is our priority.
Why Choose Me

I LOVE Doing Taxes!

Always On Time

Dedicated to providing personalized attention, we always make time for each and every client.

Hard Working

I persist relentlessly until the problem is completely solved, ensuring your peace of mind.

24/7 Availability

For me clients' emergencies, I stand ready to assist 24/7, providing unwavering support when it's needed most.


What My Clients Say?

I have owed taxes since 2012. I was afraid to file after that because I couldn't pay the $12,000 the IRS said I owed. Clarence helped me with my back filings and an offer in compromise. I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.
T Hamilton
Small Business Owner
I did my taxes using turbo tax and it said I would get back $380. I wasn't sure if this was right, so I took my W2's to Clarence and he got me back $1,258!
Bryson Diemony
Individual Tax Filer
Our Corporation almost closed due to the pandemic. I took at PPP loans and struggled to keep my head above water. Clarence helped me plan out my year, get loan forgiveness and maintain a budget that got me through the rough times. I am forever grateful and highly recommend The Tax Axe.
Adam Cheise
Cooperate Business Owner

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